Residential Surveys

Residential Surveys

With such a large purchase, it is important to understand the condition of the property prior to commitment. Information from a Residential Survey is essential for understanding any financial risks.

Blackacre only provide full RICS Level 3 Building Surveys (previously known as structural surveys). We use our own tailored template which is designed to give you full, detailed and quality information.

Building Survey (RICS Level 3)

Recommended for older period homes and/or high value properties | Advice on recent/proposed alteration works | Investigation of all areas of the property | Details of defects, their location, recommendations | 50+ elements reviewed | Cost assessment of required repairs

A Building Survey is the most in depth report from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and will provide you with a detailed condition report of the property and an understanding of required repairs and costs so you can better foresee your liability. All areas of the property will be accessed including the loft space, basement, manhole covers and outbuildings.

Our reports cover major and minor defects and where applicable for each we will confirm;

The type of defect | Location of the defect | Recommendations | What will happen if defect is ignored

All the significant issues in our reports will be summarised in our Key Issues section at the start which will give provide a clear Traffic Light rating system and allow you to better interpret the severity of different items.

What to expect from Blackacre

Once we have received instruction from you we will try to inspect the property within a week – our inspection will typically take 2-4 hours depending on the size of the property. Following the inspection we are happy to give you a quick call so that we can discuss our initial findings. Our detailed report will take approximately 5 working days to turnaround and we can send this to you in electronic and hard copies. We request our clients read the whole report to get a complete picture of what is being said, however if you do have any further questions, we are happy to discuss these over the phone.

Why get a Survey?

Buying a property is for most people the biggest investment they will make in their lifetime. With such large amounts of money exchanging hands, it is essential and hugely beneficial to understand the condition of the property so that individuals are not left out of pocket.

It is a very useful tool to allow professionals to highlight issues with the property and being able to negotiate money off the asking price. Most of the time surveys will pay for themselves, allowing many more thousands to be negotiated from the final agreed price.

More information on the benefits of getting a Residential survey can be found at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors website.

Listed Building?

If you are buying a Listed Building, this would require some additional expertise. Go to our Listed Building Survey page for further information

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