Contract Administration

Contract Administration

Our Chartered Building Surveyors are full Members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. We prepare construction contracts for our clients, then monitor and certify the building works under the Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) form of construction contracts. Above all, proper Contract Administration provides safety and mitigates risk.

What we do

We specialise in administering the (Joint Contract Tribunal) JCT form of contract to ensure both parties are adhering to the contractual terms. This helps to ensure the development is completed on time and appropriate stage payment is made. Therefore, this allows for a smoother and regulated construction phase.

Blackacre, ensure communication with all parties is at a premium. As a result we are firm believers in making sure the terms of the contract are met and we make certain that all parties fully understand their duties.

With most of our clients, we prepare a Specification of works and tender it to contractors, because of this we also administer the contract. This suits us as Blackacre are confident in the design work produced and know that it will have been done correctly.

However, unlike with Project Management, as Contract Administrators we must be impartial and are strictly bound by the terms of the contract. Acting for no particular side, it is therefore our duty to enact the contract only.

JCT offer many contract suites, tailored for different types of project. For instance, small simple works will be suited to a Minor Works Building Contract. Larger, more complex builds with multiple sub-contractors may use a Standard Building Contract.


Blackacres' Building Surveyors are often involved with alteration and repair works facilitated by construction contracts. Therefore, as an independent Contract Administrator we are the party that administers the conditions of the Contract, or as Employers Agent on behalf of the Employer. We therefore, ensure the works are delivered to a suitable standard and in accordance with tender expectations outlined in the agreed Contract.

Typically our role involves preparation of Specification documents including: - Schedule of Works - Invitation to tender to contractors - Tender analysis - Preparing documents & notices - Issuing instructions, such as variations of work - Certifying works and issuing interim valuations & payment certificates - Dealing with Extensions of Time - Issue of Certificate of Practical Completion

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Chartered Building Surveyor
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Recent Instructions
Knightsbridge, London - Contract Administration

Knightsbridge, London

Contract Value: £170,000
Works: External repairs and redecorations (including communal areas)
Contract type: JCT Minor Works Building Contract

Development Monitoring

South Coast, East Sussex

Contract Value: £750,000
Works: Conversion to 8x residential flats
Contract type: JCT Standard Building Contract

Building Surveying

Barons Court, London

Contract Value: £40,000
Works: External repairs and redecorations (including communal areas)
Contract type: JCT Minor Works Building Contract