Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Assisting the tribunal with expert witness opinion within a range of subject matters.

Ben Salvage BSc (Hons) MRICS C.Build E MCABE provides reports under Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) for the benefit of a tribunal. He provides his opinion evidence in core Building Surveying and Neighbourly Matters services, focusing on the following:

Surveyor negligence | General Building Surveying | Damp diagnosis | Heritage and traditional buildings | JCT Construction Contracts | Right of Light disputes


What is an Expert Witness?

They have an overriding duty to the court to provide impartial expert evidence in a dispute. They may be a Party Appointed Expert (instruction from a party to a dispute) or a Single Joint Expert (instruction from multiple parties to a dispute). Whatever basis of the instruction expert opinion is impartial and factual.

Our process is governed by Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules.

Key Contact

Ben Salvage MRICS C.Build E MCABE

Chartered Building Surveyor
Chartered Building Engineer

07515 441468

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