Specifications (Scope of Works)

Specifications (Scope of Works)

Our Building Surveyors are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and prepare Specification documents (including Scope of Works) for our clients, ready to be tendered to contractors.

Repair and Redecoration

We work for a number of clients that own or manage large buildings requiring periodic repair and redecorations. This might be a cyclical repair programmed or one off improvement. Blackacres’ surveyors will inspect the property, identifying what repairs are required. From this, they can provide a Scope of Works, which will provide details such as, the type of repair required, the quantity of repairs required, and the products to be used. This document is important as it allows a contractor to be clear what they are pricing for so an accurate tender cost can be obtained.


With the addition of the Scope of Works, Blackacre will also prepare Specification documentation, detailing Contract Particulars and Materials & Workmanship. We advise our clients to use Joint Contract Tribunal (JCT) construction contracts to manage the contract, providing both the client and contractor with set rules to mitigate risk.

Additional services we provide are Tender Analysis, Contract Administration and Project Management

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