RCA’s (Building Insurance)

Reinstatement Cost Assessments (Building Insurance Valuations)

We provide both Commercial and Residential Building Insurance Valuations which are undertaken by our building surveyors. Along with our experience in build costs, we also use pricing information from BCIS and Spons.

Whats involved?

We undertake Reinstatement Cost Assessments for review by insurance underwriters, these documents detail the projected rebuild cost of your property, indicating a suitable level for Building Insurance cover. Our assessments are all prepared inline with the latest RICS Professional Guidance.

We offer our clients the ability to understand their full re-build cost liability so that they can obtain a suitable level of building insurance.

Our assessments provide a declared value by way of cost calculation and are prepared on a reinstatement basis i.e. new for old. Our experienced surveyors also use pricing information from the Building Cost Information Service (BCIS) and Spons to assist in obtain accurate figures.

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